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Wii Connection Ambassador

Please note: You need to tell me your Wii number before I can add you. I’ve had many people add me yet have neglected to tell me their number, so haven’t been able to complete the registration. Thanks.

Nintendo have just released a new scheme to get everyone’s Wii connected to the Internet. If you help someone get their Wii online, both you and the person you connected get 500 Wii points to spend in the Wii Store (to buy things such as games and channels). Getting your Wii online means that you get access to new channels and content, and be able to download new games too. You can now watch the BBC iPlayer on the Wii, meaning that you can catch up with all BBC programs at any time. It also allows you to play certain titles over the Internet with friends and people all around the world (Mario Kart Wii to name a good one). I was wondering if using this scheme I could help people get their Wii online and in doing so would allow us to both benefit. Take a look here for benefits of getting your Wii online: http://www.nintendo.com/wii/internet

Here is a great tutorial on how to connect your Wii to the Internet: http://us.wii.com/connect/

Once your Wii is up and running and connected to the Internet, follow the steps below to activate the bonus Wii points for both of us:

  • Enter the Wii Shop Channel
  • On the Wii Shop Channel welcome page there is an icon called ‘Connection Ambassador Promotion’
  • Select this icon and you will be prompted by two icons: one showing that you are the Connection Ambassador (or the Helper) and the other icon showing that you are the ‘Person Who Was Helped’
  • Select the ‘Person Who Was Helped’ icon
  • You will be prompted to enter the Wii Number: 5248-8782-3737-3511
    (You must do this within 30 days of accessing the Wii Shop Channel)

Once both parties have registered, you will have received 500 Wii Points on your Wii Shop Channel Accounts to spend in the Wii Shop Channel

Once you have, comment to this post or send me a message with your Wii number (which can be found by following the steps below). I will then enter it in the ‘Connection Ambassador’ section and we can then both earn 500 points to spend on games. You need to enter my Wii number first.

To find out your Wii Number:

  • Turn your Wii console on
  • Go to the “Wii message board” option located on the lower right hand corner of the Wii menu screen
  • Go to the “Create message” option on the lower left hand corner of the screen
  • There will be a icon that says “Address book”, go to that option
  • Once in the “Address book” option you should see a page with two arrow cursors on each side. Click on the left arrow cursor
  • You should see page that says “This console’s Wii number” and at the bottom your Wii number.

Full details can be found Here.

My Wii number is: 5248-8782-3737-3511


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18 comments on “Wii Connection Ambassador”

  1. cimok says:

    my code 6583 7567 2378 9429
    question1 : age 20=39
    q2 : throug internet
    q3 : play online games
    nick : cimok
    country: uk

  2. Jamie Oliver says:

    cimok, I couldn’t get your Wii Number to work, are you sure it’s right?

    Got it working, it was meant to be a ’0′ on the end. Registered, and we now both have 500 Wii Points! Thank you!

  3. Toby says:

    My wii number is 6031 9329 1667 0240
    I hope your telling the truth and by the way join my web site

  4. Sam says:

    I have used the wii internet for more than 30days. Is there any way around this by like being the ambassador my self or can I just not use it.

    thanks anyhow


  5. Tommy B says:

    Hello mate, just registered my Wii with your details……mine is 7150 8513 5418 4463. Hope your nearly there on your quest for 20 registrations and ALL the nintendo games to boot !! Look forward to receivng my 500 points soon ! Thanks.

  6. Jamie Oliver says:

    @Sam – You can become a Wii Connection Ambassador yourself if you have been connected over 30 days, and help people yourself to connect to the internet. You can still try registering mine and I can try yours, it may still work?

    @Tommy B – Cheers mate, registered it and we now both have 500 Wii Points!

    By the way, two people have registered my Wii Number but haven’t told me theirs so I cannot register them. All I know is that one ends with “4021″ and another which ends in “3791″ – anyone?

  7. kobayaschi says:

    I am willing to help to connect to internet.
    My code is: 1236113378242340

  8. maras says:

    You shouldn’t miss Connection Ambassador Exchange at wii.cooltre.com, which automates this promo.

  9. Deepak says:

    Hi Jamie,

    I added you as wii Ambassador.
    My wii number is 4389 7682 7721 5870.


  10. Slong says:


    add me

    My Wii number is 4343 7492 7973 1666


  11. Jamie Oliver says:

    @Deerpak – Thanks again, registered and we now both have 500 Wii points!

    @Slong – You haven’t registered my Wii number yet as your Wii Connection Ambassador, and I can’t add yours until you do so. You need to add it using the steps above, cheers.

  12. mick says:

    my wii number is 8489 3939 8566 4008 add me please and reply with your wii number so i can add you in return thanks

  13. Chris says:


    My number is 4928-4591-8157-5123

    I added you as wii Ambassador,

    All the best,


    P.S. I have also added Mick, Slong, Paul, Deepak, Kobayaschi, Tommy B, Toby and Cimok as Ambassadors!

  14. Chris says:

    Ah, it won’t let me do anyone else’s until Jamie confirms mine. Sorry peeps. I spoke too soon.

  15. Rob says:

    struggling to connect my wii console on ambassador
    promotionI cannot put any other numbers in until
    it has been registered by somebody else.the person
    who was supposed to never registered mine.please help.
    My wii number is 4854 8562 9352 4882

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